Why to Use Comic Book Frames?

As going by the popular trend, are you a comic book nerd too? Do you also love spending time in comic book stores, browsing through the latest collections(old collection in case you are a new found comic nerd)?

Do you wish to incorporate your comic books in your decor?

Also, do you wish to preserve your comic books from wear and tear, discoloration or gradual lost?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then read on my friend!! Comic book fans are everywhere nowadays and they naturally possess a very good and rich collection of comics which obviously, they like to show off..so what is better than displaying them in comic book frames? Nothing,I guess.

Collecting and displaying your comic books can be more time taking than actually reading them..it might seem even more important, too(to show off your collection to your friends and enemies..ahem, competitors…of course) You can find several creative solutions to display your collection while ensuring that they maintain their mint condition. Comic book frames are one way to go about it…these frames are just like photo frames with a cardboard coverings on the side and glass or plastic in the middle.

But you should know the pros and cons of framing your comics..in case you decide to go ahead with this idea.


  1. It protects the comics from wear and tear..the comics stay the way you want them to be..without any folds, creases, cuts or marks. Also, it prevents your comics from discoloration(which would happen if you store them unattended in an attic or in the basement)
  2. Your collection is easily on display, that is, it can be hanged or used as a piece for your side tables.
  3. It protects your comics from sun, wind and moisture.
  4. It makes your comics look even more elegant and attractive.
  5. Frames are a great collection to a collector’s gallery.
  6. Some of the frames come in packs, so in case of a small number of comics, frames can prove to be pocket friendly.
  7. Mostly all comic book frames are UV(Ultra Violet) resistant.
  8. There are many frames that are eco-friendly..they are not made of non-renewable items.
  9. Almost all the frames are of very high quality.


  1. In case of a large collection, it is a very expensive process.
  2. After getting your comics framed, they needed to be carefully treated as the frame might break(specially in the case of glass frames). Fragile frames need to be preserved very ardently.
  3. Usually, these frames are available in limited sizes..so it is a little difficult to find the frames for the comics which are not of the standard size.
  4. Some of the frames are susceptible to scuff.
  5. Some frames are designed for bronze or modern age comics, so they are too small.

Deciding on what to do with your comics is quite a daunting task, also, how to do it can be staggering too. Click Here to know the things that you didn’t know existed, but you would really want want them. (trust me, you do)

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