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Some Online Gift Card Hacks You Can Give A Shot

When you buy or get gift cards from somewhere you try to take full advantage of those cards so that you can get the products at a discounted price. Some electronic gift cards are usually bank cards with special offers while some gift cards are company-owned gift cards that are presented to the customers to shop more and get more discounts. The company-owned cards can be used at their online and offline stores only but the bank cards like the myvanilladebitcard which is a gift card can be used at many stores whether they are online or offline.

However if you have some gift cards with you and still you are not able to use them effectively in all instances, then you may look at these simple tricks or hacks to make perfect use of your electronic gift cards. The tricks presented here are 100 % working and you can apply these tricks on almost all your gifts cards.

Keep Checking Your Gift Card Balances

Suppose you have multiple gift cards from multiple brands or banks, so there are chances that you are not aware about the gift card balance in the cars that you want to use currently. The most basic method that people use to check the balance in their card is by going online to the cards website and checking the balance buy when you are in a hurry or at a pace where the internet is not working properly, you need some other alternative for this. Here, you can use a simple trick using a permanent marker and writing the available balance on the card so that you know every time how much balance is left in that particular card.

Cash Out Your Gift Cards At Store

You buy gift cards from the stores and use them partially or fully most of the time but when you have low balances in your electronic gift cards, you can simply cash out those cards and use that cash in buying something else. Suppose you want to buy something from the store and you want to pay the partial amount from your gift card, but having a low balance the card would decline and you won’t be able to complete the transaction. So, cash out that amount and pay that amount for that item only and in this way, you can use that gift card amount and get a discount.

Use More Gift Cards At One Time

When you buy something from a store whether online or offline, you could use multiple gift cards at the same time and by using them you can avail of the maximum discount on the product that you are buying. You can use them both for online and offline products. Suppose you have a gift voucher or card from a specific brand but at the same time you have a bank gift card and you can use both these cards at the same time and get the maximum discount. 

Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash

Suppose you have a gift card that you do not want to use in the future, so you can sell that gift card online or offline and get your money refunded. Maybe there are instances where you might get the lower amount as it is in the gift card but it was of no use for you and selling it will benefit you by getting cash in hand and you can actually use that cash to buy something else.

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