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Things That You Need To Track In Daily Life

In the current lifestyle that most people follow regularly, we are interested in tracking all our activities through various methods. Before the technology hit us we were only interested in tracking our height and weight. Now the recent time has taught us to track your daily water intake, daily calorie intake, how many steps you walk every day, how much screen time you spend all day, how intense your workout is, and so many other things.

The new generation is much more interested in keeping everything monitored every time to ensure their safety which is definitely a good thing that every person would do. Monitoring your health and your food is a great way of keeping yourself happy and safe from any sort of disease. There are certain trackers that can be very beneficial for you in tracking your daily activities and here are some of them listed here.

Diet/Water Intake

The most important things that we need to track every day are how much we are eating and how much water we are consuming in the whole day. You can download the daily calorie intake application from your respective smartphone store. For water intake, you need a water bottle that tracks water intake. It makes it really easy to track your daily water intake without doing any complex calculations on applications. But you cannot calculate your calories through any non-digital means so you have to track your daily calories with an online application or web tool.

Household Things

Household things are very important to track every day. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on a regular basis at your place and writing them out or creating a list of things to do is a very good idea to do everything on time. You can make a list where you can make time for every task like you can keep an hour for cleaning the house, then another one hour for cleaning the garden. Make a list of renovations or repairs you want in your house and keep everything under observation like this. 

Money & Finances

Money and finances need to be tracked every day and it should be your topmost priority to keep money expenditure under control. Keep a check on your loan repayment, repayment time, daily grocery shopping expenditure, electricity expenses, rent, or installments if you have opted for that. If you are good at tracking where your money was spent in the whole month you will be more efficient in creating a monthly budget for yourself and your family. Check out all the expenses, write it down on your smartphone using an online application or make a book and enter every expense that you incur daily.

Daily Routine

Everyone’s daily routine is different from others and people have different habits, different professions, different timings of work, different hobbies or interests, and making a daily routine for yourself is based on your basic preferences. For a student his daily routine can be waking up in the morning, doing breakfast at a certain time, leaving for school or college, coming back home in the afternoon, having lunch, taking personal classes, enjoying some time with loved ones, sleeping, and so on. While a working professional may not have that much time to spend with loved ones and he or she can struggle in getting some personal time as well. Such people can create a daily to-do list to make time for everything.

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