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The Best Sites For Long Distance Dating

Living in a long distance relationship is never easy as you have to live apart and trust your partner with almost everything they say. There are many challenges that people in these kinds of relationships face in real life. If you are thinking about getting into a long distance relationship with someone then you must take some extra time as compared to a normal relationship and know about each other. 

There are many websites for dating people from other nations but you need to choose the best one with a lot of engagement from users to increase your chances of getting matched with someone. Here we have a list of best long distance dating sites that are very popular and users can find authentic or real people to date. Check them out below.


Continuing the tradition of several other long distance online dating websites, the interface has a standardized style and authentication prototype. It emphasizes on individuals seeking for Arab companions and is transparent with same-gender ties. 

There’s really no shortage of gorgeous women, although many people have passed judgment on the truthfulness. The platform has done everything possible to relieve such issues by adding the “Date Safely” tab on the main website. It has some handy advice on defending your privacy and finances. 

Normal membership allows you to subscribe, search accounts and show some interest in others without paying anything. Nevertheless, any type of direct contact involves a paying subscription with the various choices: 

  • Gold: $29.98 for a month; $60 over three months. 
  • Platinum: $34.99 for a month; $69.99 over three months.


The website saw more than 20 million unique people while operating from March 1993. A prominent characteristic of the membership account is that too many men emerge from North America while women come from Eastern European nations like Russia, Ukraine, and so forth. 

Most individuals suggest this as a true long-distance commitment platform for all those who agree that romance cannot be limited by border lines. There is a powerful female community, contributing about 61% of the overall membership. 

The smartphone application is a big bonus, making networking much better for working professionals. Person accounts are informative and you can connect in a variety of different ways: 

  • Live Talks 
  • Audio Calls 
  • Direct Calling 

You may share pictures and videos as well. Online access is limited to the registering and searching of individual accounts. Provided the informative user accounts, security badges, 360º views, and all of these items, it is worthwhile to consider spending $9.99 per month to access advanced options.


The platform is now in its third decade of service and has a global presence covering 23 nations, but it is mainly for users seeking for Europeans to meet. There is a really brief login form that could be avoided if you’d like to register through your Google Id. 

The great thing is that there are no advertisements that leave users distracted, however some individuals may consider frequent emails updates annoying. The platform has a mechanism of profile authentication in existence, but because participants have to do it manually, it might be simple for fake people to work their way around it. 

While paying subscription offers an upgrade option, many consumers have concerns about the credibility of the platform. But as it has been in service for the last three decades, it’s a hundred percent legal and you can trust people on this forum.

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