Some Handy Piece Of Advice For Golf Clash Players

The golf clash game looks very easy to play and the interface makes it easy for the players to understand everything in the game but when it comes to playing the game in reality, the game becomes really difficult. For playing the game easily and understanding every tactic of the game you must look into these small pieces of advice.

Use The Golf Clash Notebook

It tends to be valuable to have some assistance in Golf Clash, particularly if you need to go master – that is the place where the Golf Clash Notebook comes in. Golf Clash Notebook is a local area partner application that offers guidance for playing, giving aides, tips, and general exhortation. You can discover it on Google Play and the App Store.

Enter The Golf Clash Tournament

If you need to get proficient, here’s the beginning and end you need to think about Golf Clash Tournaments: 

  • Competitions run consistently – a full rundown can be found on Golf Clash Notebook 
  • Competitions comprise of 1v1 play and have four levels – new kid on the block, star, master, and master 
  • Entering a competition requires an expense, however bigger than expected – Golf Clash Notebook proposes having 10x the cash it needs to enter a competition 
  • Competitions have three phases – qualifying round, opening round, and weekend round 
  • The qualifying round is nine holes, with the opening round and weekend round having 18 
  • Progressing in the qualifying round requires your to score inside the best ten of twenty players 
  • Progressing in the opening round requires your to score inside the best 50 of a 100 players 
  • In the weekend round you face 99 rivals, and regardless of whether you don’t win, you actually get a prize chest

Understand The Golden Shot

Golden Shot is a Golf Clash challenge where you have one shot to land your ball as close to the hole as possible, and you get a prize based upon how close you get it. To understand the golden shot you need a specific guide for it and once you have understood how to hit your golden shot you can assure your victory over your opponent. Try this link here and read everything about the golden shot.

Ways to Unlock All The Clubs

What club you use in golf is really significant, so here’s beginning and end you should think about Golf Clash clubs: 

  1. There are seven club types in Golf Clash – Drivers, Woods, Long Irons, Short Irons, Wedges, Rough Irons, Sand Wedges 
  2. Each type has eight variations, barring Rough Irons and Sand Wedges, which have seven 
  3. The details on each club are Power, Accuracy, Top Spin, Back Spin, Curl, and Ball Guide 

Here’s a short depiction of what each club is utilized for in Golf Clash: 

  • Drivers: whacking the ball as far down the green as conceivable 
  • Woods: a variation of the driver for hitting the ball on the fairway 
  • Long Iron: hitting the ball long distance at a low point 
  • Short Iron: moderate to brief distance shots 
  • Wedge: for when you need to hit the ball at higher points 
  • Harsh Iron: hitting the ball when it’s tumbled off the course into the ‘unpleasant’ 
  • Sand Wedges: chipping the ball out of a sand dugout 

The most ideal approach to procure clubs is through the four sorts of chest – Wooden, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can acquire chests by winning rounds, completing competitions, and setting high in your weekly association. You likewise get a free wooden chest at regular intervals.

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