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School Activities To Teach Students About Moral Values

School is the foundation of any person where they learn about many things, good or bad, right or wrong, what to do and what they should not do in their life. All the values that we learn in our schooling time give us knowledge about life and we understand what needs to be done in a particular time or situation.

There are many activities in school that can be beneficial in the early education of every child. And moreover, there are many ways to teach them about those values in life. Some may choose the playful ways while many teachers prefer knowledge from books. All the tricks are great for educating a child but the best combination would be a mix of various plays and books that can create a balance between the physical and mental ability of the child.

Narrating Stories

If you are teaching to a group or small children then you must keep in mind that almost every child in this world loves to hear stories that involve animals, fairies, and superheroes. This is what interests them and they are most likely to hear from you more often. Narrating a fairy tale with a good moral value can be interesting for them and they get to learn about good values as well. Try to read out new stories every day and ask them about what they have learned from them. Explain the real meaning of the story to them in the form of a story.

Singing Songs

Songs capture the attention of everyone whether you are a child or an adult. But when you are a child, you won’t be able to understand songs but you can learn and sing poems after your teacher. This is how almost every teacher teaches the child the poem and the child really enjoys singing after their teachers. Singing poems can be a very effective form of education as every poem teaches about certain moral values to the children.

Playing Classroom Games

Enjoying interactive games in the classroom is a perfect means of cultivating an ethical sense of teamwork. You could achieve this just by separating the classroom into groups of 4-5 students. Team members will play against one another to be the best, for instance. Which team will compose the most number of adjectives or nouns to the black-board in 5 minutes? There is one more game that you can try where you will divide students into 4-5 teams and ask them to write the name of the animal, name, place, or an object’s name starting from the alphabet that you will provide. The one which finishes first will be rewarded with points and for other points will be deducted.

Teaching Them About Short Liners And Vocabulary

Since they are small children, they won’t be able to understand big paragraphs on ethical or moral values. Here you can use 5 line short stories with moral values and explain the meaning to them. Since it is short they can easily understand them and memorize them. Or you can try teaching them the meaning of new words every day.

Role-Playing Stories

Choose the stories that provide good teaching at the end or in the middle and turn it into a play. Plays are loved by every child and If you make them the characters and then execute the play then it becomes fun for them and they enjoy playing it and at the same time, they are going to learn about ethical values from it.

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