How To Make Money With Websites

Making a website and after that earning from that website is a very good business model for securing your future and earning a passive income in your future. You can opt this profession as a full timer or as a part timer, It all depends on your time management and your schedule. Many of the website owners who are making good income from their websites work for a full time on their websites. But if you are working somewhere and still you want to do a part time work and earn some extra income over your fixed salary then  you can definitely try moving into this industry on a part time basis. If you are able to use your spare time on your website and build it with your whole effort you can make a good amount from your website in the future and once you start getting paid enough by your website I would suggest you to put more effort and time here and be your own boss rather than working under some boss. 


Start by purchasing a domain and hosting from websites like hostgator or Godaddy or if you want to but an already working website model you can purchase it from online marketplaces like Flippa, FE International and Buying readymade website is a good investment as you have to put less effort to rank it and make it more popular. You can even buy some websites which are earning a passive income through adsense or any other sources.

But if it is your starting and you want to purchase a fresh domain for your business model you can do that too but you have to put more effort on it. Main advantage here is that you can build your website according to your need and remove things according to your wish. After building you can make money by writing blogs on some very rare or common topics and for making it more popular you have to do some promotions of that or try creating some promotion ad campaigns for your targeted keywords. Some of the best ways to earn a passive income through your website are – 


  • Link it to adsense and start earning.
  • Make it a PBN and start selling PBN links on it. 
  • Try Affiliate marketing of products.
  • Make it an ecommerce website and start selling products.
  • Become a link between buyer and seller and charge a commission from both sides.
  • Selling some online service will also work getting a passive income.


These things are a bit difficult if you start from the bottom and goes up but you can achieve this in the long run. I would recommend you to choose an already working website for this purpose and if you don’t know any of these websites you can try Flippa. or FE International for this purpose.

Click here if you want to buy a working website for your project. Start working on your website and earn a passive income from the start.

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