Health Food Stores in Omaha

It was a regular day in school, I was strutting around the school ground when I suddenly saw an elderly man trying to cross the road, he was nervously standing on the street waiting for the traffic to end, but ten minutes had passed, he just could not gather the courage to cross the road. I, for once, felt helpless as I could help the poor guy as I was in school and could not get out of the premises, I kept standing there to see if we was able to cross the road, after fifteen minutes, a young man came, held his hand and helped him. After this incident, I could not forget the panic striken face of the man. I conjectured that he lived all by himself otherwise who would leave such a frail man alone, all by himself. Then, a thought crossed my mind, I had the idea of searching the man as well as volunteering at the local Omaha old age home. After all, old people want nothing but the company of other people. So, it was final that after school I would spend two hours daily volunteering at the old age and while on my way home, I would find the man that I saw on the street across my school.

The people at the old age home were more than happy to know that I would like to volunteer, so everyday I visited the old age home and I definitely became their favorite friend. I used to organize dance nights for them , game nights on Fridays and what not. They enjoyed what ever I had to offer. So, one day, my best friend Arthur(from the old age home) told me that it was his birthday the next week, I was set on organizing a party which I planned quickly, but then, I was in a fix, what should I gift him, I knew he was very fond of good food, so i thought of a plan, I located health food stores Omaha , I collected all the items I knew Arthur would like , prepared a delectable meal and gave it to Arthur, he absolutely loved it! Arthur had invited some of his old friends too, one of them was the same man that I saw on the street , I asked him about that day and he suddenly started crying. He said that day his son had called him saying that he would never return to Omaha as he had moved to Australia. He asked his son that who would take care of him, to which he responded that he should go to an old age home. I was absolutely overwhelmed when I heard his story, since then I decided that I would convince Arthur’s friend to come live in the old age home. It took a week to convince Jack, but he finally gave in. He joined the old age home and as he says, that he has been the happiest here since a long time.

I feel really touched and happy to spend time with them and it is a privilege to be their friend . I surely want to continue this as I have a motive behind this too , I found a beautiful girl there whom I have a crush on, she is a volunteer too. I would surely love to spend time with her.

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