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Playing The POP! Slot Casino On Your PC

Playing games on PC and playing games on your mobile devices is different and most people love to play games on PC only as it is more powerful, delivers better graphics, and has fewer bugs or glitches in the game. Mobile games on the other hand are quite impressive no doubt that but playing on the small screen feels less enjoyable when you have played that game on your PC. Since some games could be played both on mobile devices and on PC, in these cases there is no doubt that you will enjoy playing more on your PC. 

Now there are some games that are made for both mobile and PC platforms but some games need an emulator to run on PC and which is a very common way of playing mobile games on PC today. A very famous casino game is POP! Slots can also be played on PC using the Bluestacks emulator. The game is one of the most interesting casino games on mobile and what makes it more interesting is the availability of online cheats and hack to move ahead in the game. Click here to know about the quick hacks and cheats and see below how you can play this game on your PC using Bluestacks.

How To Use Bluestacks And Play The game

Pop! Slots Casino is an incredible game to play on the side, however, there aren’t actually that many actions that you can do when watching the slots roll. Instead of gradually draining the battery on your phone playing this game, for what reason do you evaluate playing this game on your PC instead? Leave it running behind the scenes without the constant distraction of having to get your phone just to actually look at your advancement. 

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. 
  • Complete Google Sign-in to get to the Play Store, or do it later. 
  • Search for Pop! Slots Casino in the inquiry bar at the upper right corner. 
  • Snap to install Pop! Slots Casino from the list items. 
  • Complete Google Sign-in (if you skipped stage 2) to install Pop! Slots Casino. 
  • Snap the Pop! Slots Casino icon on the home screen to begin playing.

Some Useful Features Of The Game

Multi-Instance Function

The Multi-Instance Function is an extraordinary method to boost your portable gameplay experience overall. As you most likely are aware, Pop! Slots Casino has an auto-play function that permits the player to minimize the attention prerequisite to play this game. If this were your smartphone, you’d choose the option to leave this game open on your screen with very little else left for you to achieve different tasks except if you’re willing to attempt split-screen, which significantly lessens your viewing room. 

Eco Mode

The Eco Mode is an exceptionally utilized function for players that like to spam inactive games. By activating the Eco Mode, you can in any case keep the option of having your game open with the goal that you can continue farming the stuff you need while saving really processing space on your RAM to clear a path for different games or significant stuff at work. 

Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder is another extraordinary feature that the BlueStacks stage can perform better compared to the standard brilliant gadget. The most serious issue with smartphones and screen recording is that the phone frequently can’t stay aware of running both the game and the screen recorder simultaneously, which makes the gadget slack and warmth up rapidly.


Some Handy Piece Of Advice For Golf Clash Players

The golf clash game looks very easy to play and the interface makes it easy for the players to understand everything in the game but when it comes to playing the game in reality, the game becomes really difficult. For playing the game easily and understanding every tactic of the game you must look into these small pieces of advice.

Use The Golf Clash Notebook

It tends to be valuable to have some assistance in Golf Clash, particularly if you need to go master – that is the place where the Golf Clash Notebook comes in. Golf Clash Notebook is a local area partner application that offers guidance for playing, giving aides, tips, and general exhortation. You can discover it on Google Play and the App Store.

Enter The Golf Clash Tournament

If you need to get proficient, here’s the beginning and end you need to think about Golf Clash Tournaments: 

  • Competitions run consistently – a full rundown can be found on Golf Clash Notebook 
  • Competitions comprise of 1v1 play and have four levels – new kid on the block, star, master, and master 
  • Entering a competition requires an expense, however bigger than expected – Golf Clash Notebook proposes having 10x the cash it needs to enter a competition 
  • Competitions have three phases – qualifying round, opening round, and weekend round 
  • The qualifying round is nine holes, with the opening round and weekend round having 18 
  • Progressing in the qualifying round requires your to score inside the best ten of twenty players 
  • Progressing in the opening round requires your to score inside the best 50 of a 100 players 
  • In the weekend round you face 99 rivals, and regardless of whether you don’t win, you actually get a prize chest

Understand The Golden Shot

Golden Shot is a Golf Clash challenge where you have one shot to land your ball as close to the hole as possible, and you get a prize based upon how close you get it. To understand the golden shot you need a specific guide for it and once you have understood how to hit your golden shot you can assure your victory over your opponent. Try this link here and read everything about the golden shot.

Ways to Unlock All The Clubs

What club you use in golf is really significant, so here’s beginning and end you should think about Golf Clash clubs: 

  1. There are seven club types in Golf Clash – Drivers, Woods, Long Irons, Short Irons, Wedges, Rough Irons, Sand Wedges 
  2. Each type has eight variations, barring Rough Irons and Sand Wedges, which have seven 
  3. The details on each club are Power, Accuracy, Top Spin, Back Spin, Curl, and Ball Guide 

Here’s a short depiction of what each club is utilized for in Golf Clash: 

  • Drivers: whacking the ball as far down the green as conceivable 
  • Woods: a variation of the driver for hitting the ball on the fairway 
  • Long Iron: hitting the ball long distance at a low point 
  • Short Iron: moderate to brief distance shots 
  • Wedge: for when you need to hit the ball at higher points 
  • Harsh Iron: hitting the ball when it’s tumbled off the course into the ‘unpleasant’ 
  • Sand Wedges: chipping the ball out of a sand dugout 

The most ideal approach to procure clubs is through the four sorts of chest – Wooden, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can acquire chests by winning rounds, completing competitions, and setting high in your weekly association. You likewise get a free wooden chest at regular intervals.


Game Companies That Made Huge Money In 2020 Itself

We all know that the year 2020 brought so many new challenges and difficulties in everyone’s life but even after facing lockdowns, partial work timings, and less workforce in the offices some companies made huge numbers in the year 2020 itself. But how did these companies flourish so much when all the other industries were struggling to get on their feet?  We all were at our homes and we all had a great time with our friends and family playing multiple online games. The online gaming industry was one of the sectors that received immense popularity because of covid, as the people were at home and they enjoyed playing games the most. So many big names started making tournaments and delivered prizes to people all over the world to grab more audiences from all over the world and make huge profits out of the viewerships. Some of the game companies that became very popular and made huge amounts are listed here.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game made in 2009 by riot games is the number one game in terms of viewership from all over the world. The peak viewers count even rose to 3.9 million of the game due to the immense popularity of this game. The game was downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide and has the most active user count in the year 2020. The game makers even announced a Wild Rift game, which is the mobile version of League of Legends. This game is out in real world now and for the best Wild Rift Boosting service in 2021, you can use the provided link here, to boost every character and rank up easily.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter strike : global offensive is a valve production of the year 2012 and it is one of  the biggest games from the past. The game is played between two teams having five players each side and each team is required to do the task assigned to them. The game recorded an impressive viewer count of 1.2 million people in 2019 and the global prize money pool for this game was projected around $20,000,000. Counter strike is one of the best shooting multiplayer games of all time since the year 2000.


Developed and marketed by Epic Games, Fortnite is one of the best-selling games since it came into existence in the year 2017. The game has a viewer base of around 2.3 million people during the 2019 period which grabbed a prize pool of approximately $7,000,000 in 2020. The game developers made it easy to play with cool graphics and player vs player battle to engage more users worldwide. Players can compete anytime with each other and thanks to its fast-paced gameplay that it is one of the most loved games all over the world.

Call of Duty

There is no other better game than Call Of Duty when it comes to online player vs player multiplayer battle. The game is developed by the gaming giant Activision and it came into the scene in 2003. Now, many new versions of the game have been in the market with the latest addition to mobile gaming also. The game recorded peak viewers of 189k in 2019 with a peak prize pool of $6,000,00 in 2020. The game is also present on mobile platforms and it is one of the most popular shooting games all over the world.


Reasons That Make Clash Royale So Popular

Since the arrival of the game in mid-2016 Clash Royale has been downloaded near 200 million times and the game has produced around one billion dollars in-application purchases alone. What’s likewise interesting about Clash Royale is that it will probably bring more income than Clash of Clans over the long haul. 

The Updates 

Exactly when you think you had enough of this pocket-sized passionate rollercoaster otherwise called Clash Royale, they concoct another update that presents new cards. Cards that without a doubt will take you over the current prize mound. At any rate that is the thing that you cause yourself to accept. Clash Royale refreshes will in general convey on each front. The point of each update is the new substance, which is Clash Royale equivalents to new cards. 

The Chests 

The Treasure Chests technician is, as I would see it, the most persuasive game specialist in Clash Royale because of some significant reasons. The chest ensures free clash royale gems and golds for the players. Right off the bat, it goes about as an arrangement specialist. The majority of the Chests require either three or eight-hour to open. This permits the player to set, or pick, an arrangement when they will play once more. Furthermore, as far as possible the speed of progress players make through the substance. Thirdly, the Chests guarantee that players feel incredible toward the beginning of each meeting. This prompts a general increase in retention.

The Sessions Length 

Clash Royale’s capacity to give a player a wide range of meeting lengths is genuinely astounding and an improvement to the apparently obsolete form-and-fight classification. Simply contrast Clash Royale with Clash of Clans, where subsequent to gathering assets, beginning development, and fighting a solitary fight, a player had literally nothing to do in the game – except if they were eager to go through cash to revamp their military just to fight once again. 

Great Clans 

A decent Clan is an astonishing wellspring of cards. As an individual from a decent Clan, you’re likewise needed to continually raise your prize level and stay aware of the remainder of the individuals. Inability to meet week by week gift cutoff points and prizes drives rapidly to you searching for another Clan to call home. Also those great Clans are likewise incredible networks. What’s more, nobody needs to be kicked out of a great clan. 


At long last, you can’t stop playing Clash Royale as a result of your companions. What befalls clients is that they erase the game and remain off away from it for possibly 14 days. Yet, consistently when they are helped to remember it as they will see their companions playing a match or two will bring back the interest into the game and players might want to reinstall the game and play the game by and by. 

Competitions And New Events 

The Tournaments at last permitted players to evaluate new cards against different players. In all effortlessness here’s the manner by which it works: the player pays a little section expense to get to a Challenge. The Challenge is to win 12 fights and the prizes get greater with each fight the player wins.

The Events, which run occasionally and harmonize frequently with new card dispatches, offer continually something new. For instance, the Draft Challenge offers a game mode, where players construct each other’s decks.


All Major Details About The Smashing Four Game

Smashing Four is a league of heroes and tactics. A person wins new characters by killing the enemy in various arenas then improving characters by gathering cards, gold, as well as gems. Every other character does have a unique power to improve their efficacy in competition. With several characters to pick from a squad of four may have plenty of combinations, so it’s up to players to select the greatest squad and customize their characters accordingly.


  • Every match begins with the groups of each team equally positioned on the other side of the screen. Beginning match shall be determined at random as well as by the sequence of actions from each team’s squad. Starting players make the very first attempt with a 30 percent reduction in impact. 
  • Players take turns targeting their characters against hostile forces attempting to kill the opposing squad of players. Play uses the dynamics of the pool to assess the motion of the players. Each device has multiple metrics that include its motion (such as velocity and density) and specific capabilities that make for several various tactics. 
  • The characters of each team only cause destruction during the move of your player. About the same moment, opponent characters or arena items such as a fire pit, steam or dragon cannot be affected. 
  • When the group has halted its movement, the move will finish and the next player’s move will start. End-of-the-turn and start-of-turn features are enabled, like Banshee’s Howl.

Latest Technical Aspects About The Game

The game is free to play and free to download from the playstore but there are some technical specifications to lookout before installing the game on your device.

Size Of The Game – 115.97 MB

Android Version Required – 5.0 and above

Game Category – Strategy

Game Developer – Geewa

Latest Game Version – 2.1.0

Operating System – Android

Downloads – 5 Million Plus

Game Features

  • PvP, real-time, turn-based, card-collectable technique 
  • Duel players from all over the globe in competitive arenas 
  • Win contests to earn awards 
  • Obtain cards to unlock new characters and update them to enable the mystical skills. 
  • Slam your rivals in the ring and battle your way up the ladder of the line. 
  • Get all characters at your side and get ready for the new developments 
  • Combat in the competitive setting of the 10 game-changing landscapes 
  • Build your entire clan or enter an established clan 
  • Trade your cards, talk and fight your clanmates in fun fights.

How To Play The Game

  • Start by creating a clan of players by going online and adding players from around the globe or add your friends in the clan.
  • Now choose the arena in which you want to battle your enemy team. If you are new to this game then you have to choose arena 1.
  • Choose the team by adding heroes in your squad as per the requirement of the arena. Every deck you choose is dependent on the arena and every deck has different abilities. For instance, smashing four best deck arena 4 can be different can the deck of players can be different for arena 9. 
  • Deploy your team into the battle and attract the enemy in a turn wise manner. Try to finish the game in the least possible moves.
  • Use in-game aiming tricks and the special abilities of your characters wisely to ensure your victory.
  • End the game by defeating the enemy and collect the rewards.

Most Played Games In 2020 On Roblox Platform

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform where you can create games using lego-like squares and likewise mess around made by the other network individuals. When it comes to gaming, Roblox appears to be nothing, not exactly a sea. There are more than 40 Million games accessible on Roblox. Finding as well as can be expected to be extreme, particularly when you are new to the platform. To play the games you need the roblox cash which is “Robux”, and if you need it for free you can utilize the online Free Robux Generator device and produce as much robux as you want. Moving on, here are the best and the most messed around in 2020 on roblox. 


Booga Booga is an extraordinary Roblox game that is viewed as mini Minecraft by individuals on the internet. The game plan and mechanics of this game are fundamentally the same as Minecraft on PC. In this game, your rationale is to mine, murder creatures, make weapons, and make your character investigate and endure the world. If you are a fanatic of endurance games, this one could turn into your instant most loved in the wake of playing. 


Mad City is the Roblox form of GTA. If you grew up playing GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, you are definitely going to cherish this game. You can pick to play this game as a criminal, police, or even as a superhuman. You can convey four weapons including an SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Explosive and Cold Steel. Your aptitudes and strategies will be the game transformer here. Attempt this game with your companions and you’ll be dependent way sooner. 


Phantom Forces is a shooter game based on strategies, abilities, and techniques. If you like games like CS: Pokemon GO, PUBG, at that point you’d become a major fanatic of this game. It is a standout amongst other FPS games on Roblox. You should invest some energy in understanding it like some other shooting game. The weapon pulls back are quite like PUBG, and you won’t make some extreme memories understanding them. There are certain serious highlights that you’ll need to understand before becoming a star player. 


Ghost Simulator is a fun RPG where you investigate different areas like timberlands, fields, deserts, towns, and so forth and catch ghosts with a vacuum more clean. I realize the plot may sound ludicrous however the game is truly magnificent. You get the opportunity to meet little ghosts that are definitely not somewhat frightening. You can likewise play it with your companions if you get frightened by the powerful ones. 


Murder Mystery 2 is a riddle-solving game where you need to tackle different puzzles by being an investigator and identify who is the murderer. It is a truly addictive game on Roblox. You likewise need to shield yourself from the assaults by the Sheriff. If you haven’t actually played it, proceed to check it out this moment. 


Counter Blox is the Roblox adaptation of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The play style and the specialists are comparative, just the illustrations are different. You need to lock in the weapons with your crew and go into the front line to overcome your rivals. The group with the best coordination, aptitudes, and methodology beats the other.


How To Catch Pokemon In An Easy Way

Pokemon Go is a very addictive game once you start playing it. It can be very enjoyable but at the same time, it is worthless as you are just wasting your time in reality but still, we enjoy playing it like any other game. Unlike other games, this game is based on virtual reality means you are playing it on your mobile device but at the same time you have to move in your real life to encounter pokemons, gyms, and pokestops. This is what makes this game more attractive and priceless. 

People started having this game once it was rolled out in 2016 and the hacks were available online after the launch of this game. At that time hacking this game was really easy task and you do not have to do much to hack into different locations or regions and catch the pokemons theirs. Click here if you are also looking for some Pokemon go easiest hacks and do the steps as mentioned. 

Catching a Pokemon while faking a location sometimes becomes more difficult as you are swapping with your original location and the inserted location but here are some tips to catch the Pokemon in the easiest way.

Curveball Throws To Capture The Pokemon

When you spin a Pokeball, it will become a “curveball.” Curveballs will make it difficult for the pokemons to escape the ball, thereby improving their capture rate. As soon as the poke ball spins, shoot your finger. Drag it to the right of the screen when you are rotating counter-clockwise. If you bounce it in the clock direction, toss the Pokeball to the left.

Make An Excellent Throw

Making an excellent throw decreases the chances of Pokemon to go out of the Pokeball and if you are making a curveball throw and it hits the excellent mark, most of the Pokemon never breaks out of the Pokeball unless they are very high in CP.

Use Ultra Balls To Catch Pokemons

The higher the Poke Ball level you are using, the faster you can capture Pokemon. With an Ultra Ball, the highest poker ball available, you are more likely to capture the Pokemon that you want to catch.

Feed The Pokemon Berries Before Capturing Them

It is easier to target Pokemon with the Razz Berries. Feed those to Pokemon before you launch your Pokeball to capture it. Golden Razz Berries are better than Razz Berries usually. You increase your chances of catching a Pokemon considerably when you feed them. These are best for use on ancient or legendary Pokemon.

See Your Medals

The greater the medal rate you obtain for the category, the greater the capture benefit you get. When you catch enough Pokemons of the same kind you receive the prizes in Pokemon go. You have to collect 200 Pokemon to get a gold medal for a certain category.

So, if you have any issue while capturing the pokemons you can try these tips and include all these tips in a single scene like when you are catching a Pokemon use all the techniques together and even if you are targeting a legendary Pokemon it won’t take too much time of yours to be captured in your pokeball.


Most popular video games in 2019

There are actually a lot of games that have been launched last year and at the beginning of this year. I have tried playing all the games to find out the best games to include in my post. Here are the ones that I like playing and you too can try your hands on.

1. Overwatch

This is a team-based multiplayer game that comes with amazing features. The game was launched in 2016 and since then it has seen exponential growth in the number of players. Seeing the popularity of this game among the youth, you will agree with me that it has the potential to become the best multiplayer shooter game of the present time.

2. Fortnite

This is a free-to-play online shooter game. It is currently the most streamed game on Twitch. I have done streaming videos on this game and tried to become popular. Initially, I didn’t get a lot of followers. So, I purchase some followers and views from this website. This has given my Twitch profile some exposure and I have become more popular as a streamer.

3. Halo 5: Guardians

I have always been a fan of the Halo series. So, this time when I got to try the newest version of the game, I knew I would like it. I wasn’t wrong. The game did justice to the previous versions. It can certainly get to one of the top positions in the list of best action games this year.


This game comes with beautiful graphics representing the cartoon art of the 1930s. If you are someone who has a thing for simple beautiful graphics games, this game is going to blow your mind.

5. Doom

This is one of the best first-person shooting games you can play. It is known for having received Game of the Year award in 2016. If you have a craze for fighting frightening creatures and monsters, this is the game for you. You are going to love it.

6. Far Cry 5

This is one of the most addictive games I have played. Fans of the previous versions of the game are delighted with the additional features that come with this version. It is worth your try if you like the previous versions of the game. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Ori & The Blind Forest

This is another graphic oriented game that can hook you with its mesmerising visuals. I was absorbed in the game for some time and loved the storyline. I am sure a lot of gamers, especially those who love graphic games, will love this game. Try this and you will know what I mean.

8. Dishonoured 2

When it comes to creativity and design, this game has it all. This is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. All I can say about this game is that it is one of the most fun games I have played. It is definitely worth a try.


I hope you found this post useful and informative. Did I miss anything on the list? Please let me know if you think I should mention any other game on the list.  In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to know your opinion.

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