Why Don’t We Think Meticulously On GST

We have now learnt to accept the changes with passing time. My thoughts regarding GST were poles apart now from the time of its implementation. I thought it to be merely a trick of the government to bag in more taxes. But with every passing day, the dust over the concept of GST started to disappear and became more clear.

Initially, GST was considered to be rather hard to calculate but the platforms like www.gstinbharat.com made it easier than expected.

Something that really forced people to contemplate on

This was a very difficult concept to get the hang of in the beginning and became a matter of utmost concern for small and medium scale businessmen. They thought it would add more to their expenses but it turned out to be something else and in fact more clear as compared to that of other taxes that were initially taken under the pretext of good governance and better infrastructure. Though it still exists in the mind of many including me. But my thoughts on GST has completely changed in this context.

I think it is the right and the best concept as the government has imposed the tax rates in a way that essential services and food items remain in the lower tax bracket and luxury services and products attract higher tax.

It’s not as complicated as it was thought to be

It’s easier to calculate and far better than the previous taxes, though it still needs few more reforms in terms of few items. Initially, when the GST was in its budding stage in India, people found it very strange as it was completely new for them.

They really had to struggle a lot to assimilate this new implementation of the law by the government. It indeed is not a new concept, the government has been planning and researching on the concept for the past 16 years and finally brought it into effect.

I still remember the colourful boards hanging from the walls of the building luring people to pay for getting this damn thing clear. And many even claimed their mastery over the subject. The local accounts got the chance to bag in some more money by approaching small shop owners and businessmen. I wish www.gstinbharat.com existed at that time. They would not have made fool out of anybody.

Something to reflect upon

People could be seen discussing the concept while travelling in the metro, students trying to prove their point it the schools and the senior citizens, as usual, blaming someone in the air. GST was both criticized and appreciated by the citizens. Our inclination towards conclusion retards our critical thinking ability. Why are we in so hurry to see the end result? Can’t we wait and watch in silence? Why do we not trust our government? Why we see bad in everything that happens around?

No one ever thought of delving into the government’s mind.

I hardly have any knowledge on GST but whatever the knowledge I possess is enough to appreciate it as an initiative towards a better India.