Can i eat curd at night for weight loss yes or no?

I always get this question from my friends. Curd is a great source of protein and has lots of health benefits like it helps to lose weight and also helps in digestion. But, I will suggest you not to eat curd at night because due to the fermentation process it can cause problems like gas and bloating.

What is the best time to eat curd for weight loss?

You can eat curd at any time of the day. It is low in calories and contains good amount of calcium that is essential for body building and keeping your bones strong. Curd also provides a good amount of protein, which makes it an excellent food to eat before going to bed. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while consuming this amazing health drink:

  • If your stomach gets upset easily, then avoid consuming curd after 6 p.m., as this may cause gas and indigestion problems due to its high content of natural acids like lactic acid
  • Avoid having ice-cold meals/drinks as they will put stress on your digestive system

Which food take at night for weight loss?

  • Foods that are good for weight loss:
  • Foods that are bad for weight loss:
  • Foods that are good for weight loss at night:
  • Foods that are bad for weight loss at night:

Foods can be both good and bad for weight loss, depending on when you eat them. Food eaten during the day may not work as well as food eaten at night, so it’s important to know which foods help you lose weight in addition to knowing what foods don’t help in your quest to look great and feel healthy.

Which food is best for weight loss at night?

If you want to lose weight, then it is best that you eat smaller portions of food at night. Eating late at night can cause your body to store more fat than if you were to eat earlier in the day. However, there are also certain foods that will help a person lose weight at night. These include fruit, vegetables, dairy products and beans, peas and lentils. Whole grains should be included with this list as well because they are filled with fiber which helps keep the digestive system healthy while reducing hunger cravings between meals. Fish and seafood are also great options for those looking to watch their diet while maintaining proper nutrition levels throughout their busy schedules (or lack thereof).

How do we lose weight at night?

Overeating at night is really bad for your weight loss plan. You can’t lose weight if you are a night eater, so it’s important that you learn how to control yourself.

If you want to lose weight at night, you need to change your habits around food and eating. Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Eat healthy meals at night instead of junk foods or snacks (like chips)
  • Don’t eat late into the evening
  • Try not to eat in front of the television or on your phone because this will make it harder for you to stop eating when full.


You can eat curd after dinner or before going to bed. It’s best to take milk products on an empty stomach so that the nutrients are absorbed better and you don’t feel bloated. You can flip a coin for yes or no to know more.

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