Buy Penny Boards With Your Pocket Money

Okay, so children nowadays have started earning their pocket money by doing extra work around their houses, in fact I have seen children mowing lawns, watering plants, tidying up gardens and parks of their neighbors too to get their extra pocket money.

While some parents might not agree, but this practice of earning their pocket money can be a healthy way to make your kids understand the value of money..basically, they will be able to know that how difficult it is to earn money and how we should spend it carefully.

Some parents nowadays have the habit of giving their child whatever they ask for, even if their requests are uncalled for and not at all unnecessary..speaking as a concerned person, in this way parents are digging a deep well for themselves..they are spoiling their kids and letting them have their own way..kids are mindless, they do not know what is right for them..so, until a certain age, kids should be taught how to earn their way through life.

Parents should teach their children to save for the things they like. For example

  1. A fancy toy: Parents should let the child know that he/she could achieve that toy only if he/she helps around the house for two weeks straight. Make your child understand that mom and dad have to work very hard to earn money and so do you.
  2. Penny boards: Penny boards are a type of skateboards..only smaller, cheaper and made of plastic. How much are penny boards costing you that concerns you, but fret not..it is not that expensive..so, ask your child to mow your lawn or water your plants for a week straight.
  3. Fancy pencil box: Your kid might be fascinated by a pencil box that his/her classmates brings to the school..so to tempt him/her to buy the things he wants, convince your child to do his homework all by himself for a week..by this way your child would be able to work independently and he/she would know that it takes a lot of effort to earn something that you like.
  4. Your phone: It is rather better that you do not give your phones to your child because technology is a little risky, especially in this age..even if you do, make them tidy their desk or put their bag together for the next day.
  5. Television time: Children surely ask for television time..so ask them to make their beds to earn their television time..or ask them to help mom and dad set up the dinner table to get some television time.
  6. A racket/bat: Children often demand to buy a racket or a bat when they see their friends playing with it..you can most effortlessly demand all the green vegetables your child hates to be consumed without any tantrums in order to earn their bat or rackets.
  7. Their favorite movie: make your child promise that they would not trouble other people in the movie hall in exchange for watching the movie..also, you can make a deal to keep his utensils back in the sink after eating food..in this way, your child will develop a habit to putting his utensils away and he would understand the importance of household chores.

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