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Brief Discussion On Real Vs Fake Agate Stones

Agate stones are healing stones and they save you from many negative things around you. From ancient times it is believed that this stone carries some natural energy in it that can be helpful for people who are dealing with digestive issues, skin issues, and people who are not emotionally stable. The qualities of this stone have led to an increase in the demand for this stone worldwide and that is why some people started delivering fake Agate stones to the customers. Every variety has a separate demand as every stone is different and serves different purposes. For example, Iris Agate could be good for a particular reason but the same reason may not be in the case of Moss Agate.

People who have never bought any stone before having no idea whatsoever about the Agate stone, its properties, and how it looks. Even if you check the appearance online and then go to buy the stone, you will be confused as it looks like some other stones as well. Although sellers would never replace this stone with any other stone as othe8r stones may be more costly but there are chances that you may get a normal piece of stone crafted as an Agate stone.

What If You Have A Fake Agate Stone?

Now if you have bought a fake Agate stone, it will be of no use for you. As you all must know that gemstones are meant to have some sort of energy within them which makes them valuable and that is why people buy them or wear them. But if you have a fake Agate there would be no positive energy near you that will protect you from negative vibes. You may start thinking that believing in such powers is a waste and nothing really happens in real life. But you do not know that the reason is that you have a fake stone with you that serves no purpose. So, it is advised that you buy stones or crystals from reputed and authentic dealers only and save yourself from such frauds. 

How to Identify Real Agate? 

The Real agate will have delicate regular colors: white, grayish-white, beige, smooth brown, light-yellow, delicate orange, from light to dim brown, reddish-brown, and once in a while light blue. 

As real agate is made out of minuscule quartz crystals, agate has equivalent to quartz hardness – 7. It’s very high, which implies that real agate can’t be scratched easily. Indeed, even a knife won’t leave any scratch on real agate. 

In light of the generally high thickness of real agate, you will feel a considerable weight, when the Real agate is in your grasp. 

Real agate is additionally translucent, which implies that layers will release the light through the body of the stone. 

How to Identify Fake Agate? 

Fake agate addressed by plastic can be easily identified by some optical perception and after the hardness test. 

The initial step is cautious perception. Made of plastic Fake agate will look dull on the grounds that plastic is an excessively delicate material and can’t acknowledge fine clean. 

The subsequent advance is to utilize a flashlight and to watch if the light goes through. By and large, it can’t, yet if it is, put your stone on the paper or book and attempt to recognize any letter.

Fake agate is excessively delicate and you can attempt to make a little scratch with a knife. Fake agate will be harmed, real agate won’t give you any indication of association.

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