Do You Really Need A Sticky Content?

Content is the base of any website without sticky content customers won’t come to your website. You need a content for your website that looks attractive, informative and concise to increase your user base, if you fail in delivering information to your user or buyer why would he come to you if he is not getting the relevant information from your web platform. Content is the king and web content needs to be totally sticky as the quality of your content will decide whether the user will come back for more information not. Let’s understand better what real content is.

Content is a needed element of contacts between the company and the consumer. The individuals we are interested in discovering, consuming and acting on brand data through content. Content generally involves brand interactions for customers and is often the experience itself. Content is meant to assist generate and maintain a client. “On a strategic level, content must imply more than a blog post, visual, status update or tweet. Content marketing is very popular presently and it is because the amount of digital media has increased over time and it is expanding with time and for more web places we need more content marketing strategies to connect with our potential user or buyer.

Content marketing is a strategic advertising strategy centered on generating and distributing useful, meaningful and coherent material to attract and maintain a clearly defined public and eventually to drive efficient client engagement.

From all the above definitions and explanation it might clear your mind on how useful, content is for your business model. Engaging content will drive more users to your profile of the website and creates more user engagement. If you are investing time in content writing you need some basic things in mind to increase your user base.

  • Make sure that your material is 100% important to your clients, deliver the relevant information according to your clients.
  • Determine the types of issues that assist your clients in fixing those issues this will build more trust.
  • Find out what your clients prefer internet locations.

How Can You Target Such Audience?

  • Firstly you need a niche that has not very high competition and a very low amount of information available on the web. Usually, this type of content creates more user retention.
  • You need to find some very fine keywords for your connect and make your content around that.
  • Make sure your content is really informative and serving the purpose for the user coming to your website.
  • A proper SEO of your targeted keywords to reach out to more people and deliver your content to them.
  • You can even Buy Quality PBNs to rank up quickly as the PBNs with high authority can help you to increase your domain authority and creates some quality backlinks.
  • Share it on social media to drive more traffic from there and if your content is really engaging you will see many returning users on your website every time you post something.

If you are just entering into this industry make sure you put a direct focus on your content first, make sure you take a look at your competition and try to create something new and more informative than the information that is already present on the web. Engaging Content will definitely help you in reaching more people and sharing of your posts or blogs.

Build Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is what brings your website high traffic and it is important for everyone to increase their domain authority to rank themselves sin the top of page one of Google rankings. Generally you will see the websites having high domain and page authority are ranking on the top of rankings and this is just because Google can detect your presence and you website has hot a good amount of referring from other sites as well.

Domain authority depends on several factors which together contribute to become an authority website. Factors like keywords, unique content, on page and off page SEO and quality backlinks are really important for you to gain more authority. Many people are unaware of these things and they won’t be able to create more authority for their website.

People who need help in such cases can ort for online SEO services from resellers and they will work on your behalf to create more authority for your website.  These service providers charge a reasonable amount from you and they will in return perform all the research of your keywords and they will make some quality backlinks for your website which will help you in gaining some authority. Even if you want them to write articles they will do it for you. You can ask them to write on any niche according to your website with your desired word count.

Hulk SEO is one of the best websites that I have come across while searching for some online SEO services.  You can also contact them if you want some kind of SEO services. They have a very good customer support as well.

By using services of the resellers you can help yourself in establishing your website very quickly and gaining more authority form the start. Once you are aware of these things you can perform all the tasks by yourself. It is just for your help and convenience that these resellers are working with a dedicated team to give you something valuable in return.

But if you do not want to take such services and you want to do it yourself you need to invest your time and effort in it. For gaining more domain authority you need more unique visitors everyday and you need to build trust among your viewers in order to gain more trust flow of your website. You can gain the trust by targeting the right audience for your services and providing the best content to them which is easy to understand and relate. Content should be original and not copied from any other website otherwise you will see some problems by Google.

Domain authority depends on how good you are in SEO because it is responsible for reaching out the maximum people.  There are two type of SEO- onpage and offpage SEO, you need to do both by yourself by targeting the right keywords and creating some quality backlinks for you website or your blog network.  You have to invest your time in social media optimization as well because it can bring a lot of traffic for you website.

If you are able to do all these things by yourself you will be able to rank your website in top ranking which will eventually create more trust and more domain and page authority for your website.  But is you do not know anything about this, I would suggest you to opt for some SEO service providers in the start and after some time once you know enough about this industry you will be able to do it all by yourself.

How To Make Money With Websites

Making a website and after that earning from that website is a very good business model for securing your future and earning a passive income in your future. You can opt this profession as a full timer or as a part timer, It all depends on your time management and your schedule. Many of the website owners who are making good income from their websites work for a full time on their websites. But if you are working somewhere and still you want to do a part time work and earn some extra income over your fixed salary then  you can definitely try moving into this industry on a part time basis. If you are able to use your spare time on your website and build it with your whole effort you can make a good amount from your website in the future and once you start getting paid enough by your website I would suggest you to put more effort and time here and be your own boss rather than working under some boss. 


Start by purchasing a domain and hosting from websites like hostgator or Godaddy or if you want to but an already working website model you can purchase it from online marketplaces like Flippa, FE International and Buying readymade website is a good investment as you have to put less effort to rank it and make it more popular. You can even buy some websites which are earning a passive income through adsense or any other sources.

But if it is your starting and you want to purchase a fresh domain for your business model you can do that too but you have to put more effort on it. Main advantage here is that you can build your website according to your need and remove things according to your wish. After building you can make money by writing blogs on some very rare or common topics and for making it more popular you have to do some promotions of that or try creating some promotion ad campaigns for your targeted keywords. Some of the best ways to earn a passive income through your website are – 


  • Link it to adsense and start earning.
  • Make it a PBN and start selling PBN links on it. 
  • Try Affiliate marketing of products.
  • Make it an ecommerce website and start selling products.
  • Become a link between buyer and seller and charge a commission from both sides.
  • Selling some online service will also work getting a passive income.


These things are a bit difficult if you start from the bottom and goes up but you can achieve this in the long run. I would recommend you to choose an already working website for this purpose and if you don’t know any of these websites you can try Flippa. or FE International for this purpose.

Click here if you want to buy a working website for your project. Start working on your website and earn a passive income from the start.

Importance Of Mathematics In Our Daily Life

Mathematics is a subject that has great importance in everybody’s life. Whether your a school going student, a government employee struggling to file income tax, a businessman who has to check his earnings and expenses, a scientists, an engineer or anybody, we need mathematics in our day to day lives, at least the basics to keep going with perfect plans

If you are a student appearing in class 12 boards, you can go check for improving your maths for the boards in 12 to score well. This is the website that contains solutions to every question that arises in your mind. This will not only improve your score but also prepare you for further if you want to pursue mathematics as a major in colleges or universities.

Today in the article I am to unfold the practicality and the importance of mathematics in our day to day life.

1. Maths develops analytical thinking in everybody who studies or practices it

When we indulge ourselves in solving or practising mathematical problems, there are certain steps and rules that we follow prior to the desired result including collecting the necessary data and breaking down its difficulty into simplicity. Being able to figure out the difficulties of mathematics and get at logical solutions prepare one’s mind to look for the best logic when real problems crop up. Thinking analytically and the power to take decisions make you stand out in the crowd as a student, profession or as a businessman.

2. Math helps you in developing and improving the ability to think

When we are in quest of finding solutions to the mathematical problems at hand, we unknowingly start forcing our brains to come up with the ways and tricks to solve it and have to think of a coherent process to get across the best and the easiest way to arrive at the solution which challenges your thinking capacity. People who practice mathematics on a regular basis are considered smarter and more intelligent than those who do not practice it or practices it occasionally.

3. It helps us master and learn essential life skills needed in our day to day life at work and home

We can not deny the fact that mathematics is present all around us. As a matter of fact, some call it an inescapable quotient that we simply just can’t get through life without. From calculating the exact money to be paid at the grocery store to the filing of income tax at the end of every session, we need maths no matter how much we hated it.

4. It encourages accuracy and attention to detail

The unequivocal and formulaic nature of maths further adds to its ability to develop great abilities in children including diligence, caution, and conscientiousness which are considered to be a paramount principle when children are doing research on any assumed of allocated projects.

Maths has plenty of other important benefits and usages but I came up with the most important of them that may kindle the fire and love for mathematics in you. Comment below which of the above-mentioned point caught you the most and what other important points I could have added for painting a better picture.

Types Of Dating

Dating is a state that comes in every romantic relationship where two people with almost the same feeling for each other get together In an ambience where they could find peace to know each even perfectly. This is sometimes can be tagged as a tryst where two social beings meet to peep into each other with an intention to get the hang of the existing true emotions.

Dating is a way that aims at assessing each other with a perspective to see the compatibility as a prospective partner in an intimate romantic relationship. The main purpose of this pre-planned tryst is to spend some time with the girl or boy you want to know the person perfectly and see if he or she is cut out for each other in broader terms.

With the advent and rise of the internet, dating got a completely new face and the number of people dating their soulmates uninhibitedly increased. There are many free dating sites without payment that caters to this need of yours and are continuously being used on a large scale by the persons looking for partners.

Today in the article I would usher you to the type of dating that is normally carried out worldwide.

In the era of Tinder, sexting, and online dating sites with many free dating sites without payment, pretty much all aspects of courting and the language used to describe it have evolved into what must be unimaginable to past generations.

Below are the types of dating which surely will help you clarify all your questions precipitating in the mind regarding dating.

Fun Dating

The goal of fun dating is to enjoy yourself which hardly involves any commitment or promises. But this has to be mutual as this dating exists at the tip of every other type of dating, as the fact that the whole point of spending time with another person is for enjoyment only which may or may not involve any hardcore emotions.

This is pure and crystal enjoyment of a fellow human being that involves no rules, no societal expectations and no feelings that are hard to get rid of. It is more or less like casual meeting in a cozy atmosphere with no strings attached. The best and the most fetching part of this dating is that the two of partners aren’t worried about commitment and hardly gives a damn about the prospects that the future may fetch, you are simply trying to have fun and to make the most out of the date without giving any scar on the psyche of the partner.

Initially, only the young people were most often portrayed as the age group that is the most involved with casual dating and no string attached encounters, however, its ambit has been increased and can be found most common even in middle-aged, elderly, senior, or even young adults too.

Experimental Dating

This shot of dating is carried out for self-gratification where couples try to dabble in few of the dating sites just to see how it goes. It is akin to that of  Fun Dating where there are no long term goals for the relationship, but instead goals for introspection and self-improvement.

experimental dating could possibly mean that someone who is organized and responsible or someone who is carefree and spontaneous. You could go for a cat lover or even someone who doesn’t like chocolate. This is about adventure and choosing the unpredictable.

Dating for marriage

Serious couples like going for this shot of dating in which they date with an intention of finding a life partner to spend entire life with.they often get married in this shot of datings

Hope you find the article informative enough to share with the friends and peers.

The Importance Of Internet

With the fast changing scenario, we are forced to adopt methods and skills in order to walk shoulder to shoulder with the world and the people that exist around us. We are the generation that has closely observed these changes happening around us. We have seen how theories got refuted, how things got upgraded and how people got sophisticated over the years.

The Internet is folding down the difficulties

Whenever the thoughts of our existence occur to me, I undeliberately find myself walking to the places where I might get the answers to all those questions precipitating in my mind. The best place I find to carry out these researches is google. I can be seen sitting for hours just to get the hang of a simple concept.

So the main issue here is not the lack of resources but the lack of willingness that hinders us from getting to the roots of any concept. I consider the online platforms that got its way into our lives with the unprecedented rise of the internet for the past few years. I remember the first time I used the internet was to create truth tables when I was in high school. There was this online truth table maker which made life really simple. This online truth table maker was one of the best tools that I have used in high school and I still recommend this to others who need help in dealing with boolean algebra and truth tables.

Reduces human effort

Gone are the days when we had to go through the heaps of books and researches to find the answer to a single question. And now that the answers to every question are available at our fingertips, can’t we even make that much effort?

Memories that made me call it a boon

I remember as an employee in Canada how the jobs of many of my coworkers got at stake after the advent of the HST. A concept that everybody struggled with in the company including me. It’s no more the same now. Dedicated people keep coming with the solution to every problem. They came up with online platforms that could make the calculation of HST a cakewalk and the same happened.

Making the most of it is the only phrase perhaps

So what are we going to do? Are we going to blame the internet as a reason behind the spoilt brats or motivate them to make the most of it in every possible way? It’s better to appreciate the benefits that it fetches than to cast a slur on the creations without perfectly getting aware of its pros and cons. We know it is not always easy for an average mind to deduce every aspect of it but we still can have a look at it with positive mindsets.

Natural concerns

Parents are are way more concerned about their wards as their living rooms can be seen invaded by the video games and play stations where they are glued to the couches making deliberate moves with rapt attention. It is good to have fun on the internet but getting trapped by it is really a matter of grave concern.

I need to have my take on it

I would suggest you make it a tool to intensify the productivity of a task rather than using it as an escape from things that are crucial. It is natural to get attracted to the bad aspects of any invention. But we can have it in a way that is more deliberate and productive. We need to examine the good and bad aspects of it before landing ourselves into any conclusion.

Realising The Potential Of The Market

With increasing demands in the market, we are continuously coming across new products which are meant to cater to the needs of the growing clans of the consumers. We are living in such an era where the people are following each other like blind sheep without giving much thought on the impacts and consequences we are bound to receive at the end of the day.

Growing demands is perhaps the only reason

We see a lot of companies opening up and closing down every day. People seem less concerned about the outcome of their uncontrolled thoughts and desires. The increase in the demands and the fluctuating needs of the consumers and the buyers have provoked the market to brim with more and more companies and brands in order to gratify this everlasting demands of the people dwelling in the society.

Understanding the potential of the market

The intellects are expecting to see even a greater hike in the demand and supply which may instigate more brands to rise in future. We not only serve the existing population through our crafts but also keep the needs of the posterity at the top of our minds.

The best part of this increase in the number of new brands is the growing competition among the suppliers within the market which ultimately results in the deterioration of the prices of the products. We get the best product at a reasonable and affordable price due to the increase in the competition among the suppliers.

Everybody is trying to have a face

Many companies like Patanjali and the likes can also be seen dabbling in other niches in terms of making products. Recently Patanjali came up with Patanjali jeans to allure the customers with the lesser price tags and promise to provide with the best quality of jeans. Patanjali jeans is a product manufactured under the brand name of Patanjali paridhan. Making jeans and the western style products were never the priorities of the company, they were more into making daily use items.

Hilarious concepts that made the rise possible

The jeans can be seen as a medium to inculcate the love for the indigenous goods in the people of the country. The owner could be seen calling names to the jeans in few of the videos available on the youtube which indeed is hilarious. The critics could not help making fun out of it and made it a troll for an extended span of time after the product was launched.

A brand is a brand

There are lots of companies and brands being launched almost every day as they are completely aware of the future potential of the markets. Their launching new products somehow fetch relief in the eyes of the consumers but the clouds of the elite buyers will hover above the classic brand only.

It is more important to make a name than making products. The moment you transit from mere a name to a brand, you are sure to get the attention of the consumers no matter how fat your price tags are.

The Pathetic Condition Of Government Schools In India

The pathetic condition of the government schools of India has compelled many writers and columnist to scream on the system. Despite the best teachers, government schools are not improving. Students studying in the government schools lag behind in almost every aspect of life. The only reason is the negligence of the people sitting in the authority who has been bestowed upon with this responsibility to look after the system. They instead of strengthening it, drag the life out of it.

It’s not new

80 per cent of the students who go to a government school in India don’t remember 1 to 20 tables, they can even write their name perfectly and the worst part of the system that the teachers recruited to serve the purpose exhibits the same negligence as their superiors.

This is the condition of the primary schools which are considered to be the foundation of every higher education. How can a student a mathematics prowess who hardly remembers 1 to 20 tables? The irony is that we don’t serve the purpose well in spite of the return we get

Why hour…

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a government school student? There is a great disparity between the students of public schools and the government schools. What possibly could be the reason behind their lagging in all walks of life? Why do they find it very hard to make into higher education? Why do they drop out even before getting through high school? Why do they lose interests in studies? Is it incorrigible? Can’t it be reformed and made better for the future of our own country?

Let’s kill the roots

The real problem is the authorities and politicians who look at education as a money making business and instead of making reforms, go another way around. Many politicians and their relatives have their own private schools. And improving the present scenario is similar to cutting down their part on the money. They are blind enough to ignore the plight of government schools in their own country.

While the present government is doing things to improve the condition, a lot more needs to be done to bring a lasting impact on society. Schemes like Sukanya Samriddhi are helping girl children get the benefits of education. We, as general people need to come up with ways to help the Government implement this kind of schemes and let more people know about them. Websites like help in calculating the investment amount and the returns from this scheme.

We too have something to give back to the society

We as a good and responsible citizen of the country should take it on hand and contribute our part for the amelioration the society. Education is considered to be the backbone of a country. We can not grow as a country if we lack in education. Not only this, we would push ourselves in a mire hard to come out of. We need to say no to such systems and take the entire responsibility on ourselves as an individual.

Just give it a serious thought

The authority needs to contemplate on this grave situation and come up with evasive steps to curb it. We can not improve unless we stop blaming others and by complaining it to the wrong person.

The future of any country lies in the hands of the kids who are the posterity of a nation. Investing in proper education will definitely fetch tremendous results at the end of the day. But if we don’t take it seriously, it is sure to paralyse the country with nothing left to repent and think upon.

Why Don’t We Think Meticulously On GST

We have now learnt to accept the changes with passing time. My thoughts regarding GST were poles apart now from the time of its implementation. I thought it to be merely a trick of the government to bag in more taxes. But with every passing day, the dust over the concept of GST started to disappear and became more clear.

Initially, GST was considered to be rather hard to calculate but the platforms like made it easier than expected.

Something that really forced people to contemplate on

This was a very difficult concept to get the hang of in the beginning and became a matter of utmost concern for small and medium scale businessmen. They thought it would add more to their expenses but it turned out to be something else and in fact more clear as compared to that of other taxes that were initially taken under the pretext of good governance and better infrastructure. Though it still exists in the mind of many including me. But my thoughts on GST has completely changed in this context.

I think it is the right and the best concept as the government has imposed the tax rates in a way that essential services and food items remain in the lower tax bracket and luxury services and products attract higher tax.

It’s not as complicated as it was thought to be

It’s easier to calculate and far better than the previous taxes, though it still needs few more reforms in terms of few items. Initially, when the GST was in its budding stage in India, people found it very strange as it was completely new for them.

They really had to struggle a lot to assimilate this new implementation of the law by the government. It indeed is not a new concept, the government has been planning and researching on the concept for the past 16 years and finally brought it into effect.

I still remember the colourful boards hanging from the walls of the building luring people to pay for getting this damn thing clear. And many even claimed their mastery over the subject. The local accounts got the chance to bag in some more money by approaching small shop owners and businessmen. I wish existed at that time. They would not have made fool out of anybody.

Something to reflect upon

People could be seen discussing the concept while travelling in the metro, students trying to prove their point it the schools and the senior citizens, as usual, blaming someone in the air. GST was both criticized and appreciated by the citizens. Our inclination towards conclusion retards our critical thinking ability. Why are we in so hurry to see the end result? Can’t we wait and watch in silence? Why do we not trust our government? Why we see bad in everything that happens around?

No one ever thought of delving into the government’s mind.

I hardly have any knowledge on GST but whatever the knowledge I possess is enough to appreciate it as an initiative towards a better India.

Most popular video games in 2019

There are actually a lot of games that have been launched last year and at the beginning of this year. I have tried playing all the games to find out the best games to include in my post. Here are the ones that I like playing and you too can try your hands on.

1. Overwatch

This is a team-based multiplayer game which comes with amazing features. The game was launched in 2016 and since then it has seen exponential growth in the number of players. Seeing the popularity of this game among the youth, you will agree with me that it has the potential to become the best multiplayer shooter game of the present time.

2. Fortnite

This is a free-to-play online shooter game. It is currently the most streamed game on Twitch. I have done streaming videos on this game and tried to become popular. Initially, I didn’t get a lot of followers. So, I purchase some followers and views from this website. This has given my Twitch profile some exposure and I have become more popular as a streamer.

3. Halo 5: Guardians

I have always been a fan of the Halo series. So, this time when I got to try the newest version of the game, I knew I would like it. I wasn’t wrong. The game did justice to the previous versions. It can certainly get to one of the top positions in the list of best action games this year.


This game comes with beautiful graphics representing the cartoon art of the 1930s. If you are someone who has a thing for simple beautiful graphics games, this game is going to blow your mind.

5. Doom

This is one of the best first-person shooting games you can play. It is known for having received Game of the Year award in 2016. If you have a craze for fighting frightening creatures and monsters, this is the game for you. You are going to love it.

6. Far Cry 5

This is one of the most addictive games I have played. Fans of the previous versions of the game are delighted with the additional features that come with this version. It is worth your try if you like the previous versions of the game. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Ori & The Blind Forest

This is another graphic oriented game that can hook you with its mesmerising visuals. I was absorbed in the game for some time and loved the storyline. I am sure a lot of gamers, especially those who love graphic games, will love this game. Try this and you will know what I mean.

8. Dishonoured 2

When it comes to creativity and design, this game has it all. This is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. All I can say about this game is that it is one of the most fun games I have played. It is definitely worth a try.


I hope you found this post useful and informative. Did I miss anything on the list? Please let me know if you think I should mention any other game on the list.  In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to know your opinion.

To show your support, share this post with your friends on social media and elsewhere. Thank you very much for reading!